Join me, Rachel Estapa - creator of More to Love Yoga - for body-loving yoga.

Need more kindness for your belly? I've got a larger belly too and I want to share my best yoga + self-care tips with you.

More to Love Yoga is a shame-free way to practice yoga. As a professional yoga and wellness leader, I've spent the past 15 years devoted to learning + sharing ways to become more loving to ourselves.

​This 60 minute session is welcoming to beginners and seasoned More to Love Yogi's (called "Lovelies") and includes:

  • how to adjust your belly for support + comfort when sitting, folding, and transition thru poses
  • belly-safe poses for hip-releases like pigeon, warrior, and more
  • expert guidance to foster calm and compassion for your whole self

This video class is for you if:

  • you have a larger belly and value tips to make yoga more comfortable
  • love to explore new poses and movements that are aligned with body-positive practices
  • you value experiences that help you learn + practice body-loving wellness

What you need for this class:

  • reliable internet so you can stream from any supported device
  • non-slip yoga mat
  • blocks/blankets/cushions (optional)
  • headphones to listen without distraction
  • writing items for when inspiration hits

About Pay What You Value:
Value means "what I get from this" and I want your experience to be fulfilling. You deserve that. I do too. I want to make it easier for folks in all bodies to enjoy yoga, and that also includes factoring in financial considerations. I've set-up "Pay What You Value" with a base-rate to cover all the administrative things that go into running More to Love Yoga's presence online. Please consider increasing your support of More to Love's work if you're financially able to. Thank you!

Once you purchase, a link will be emailed for you to stream instantly and it is yours to keep.

Questions? Email: [email protected]